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Cuttlefish Bone (Cuttlebone)
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Serial No : S02032

Cuttlebone (Cuttlefish Bone) Length: 4–6-inch, 6-8 inch, and 8-12 inches to up Width: 4 cm to up Packaging: 10kg Corrugated carton box. Origin: India Delivery: 15 days from order confirmation. Price: US $6.25/- per kg, FOB Chennai, India.

2023-11-03 07:32:36

Contact Details
Name : royalgulf
Company Name : Royal Gulf International
Website Link : https://cuttlefishbone-india.blogspot.com/
Email : royal.gulf.inter@gmail.com
Address : No.129-B, Kaveri Street,, Stage II, Virugambakkam, Tamil Nadu
City : Chennai
Country : INDIA
Phone : +103 9841711555

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